Sundance Film Fest 2014: YouTube, AirBnB Haus, Stella Cidre Launch Party & More

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Also at the YouTube House, I bumped into George Takei who was one of the hits of the festival with his biopic docu, To Be Takei.

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Stella Cidre Launch Party @Sundance

Coincidentally took place in a bar my friend used to own under the Town Lift in Main St. Park City.

So my +1 had to be @Matt_OS since he’s is a huge fan of hard cider and especially the new craft cider movement. While Stella Cidre isn’t exactly what you would call craft cider, it did signal the arrival of one of the better ones you can get more reliably in the limited inventory of the Utah State Liquor Stores.

VIPs in attendance included Elizabeth Banks, Lea Thompson, Jorge Garcia, whom we chatted with for a few minutes, and @Matt_Os (test driving Google Glass at the time) got to meet & chat with.

SLC local jazz band Concurren opened up the event with some updated classics. Turns out, the drummer had Glass on that night too.

Then Capital Cities took the stage for a short set and kept everyone Safe N’ Sound, before we all got annoyed by the tune sold out to the Mazda commercial.

TAO Takes Over PC

For the last few years, Las Vegas Nightclub TAO has been setting up shop in an underground parking garage and hosting some of the most exclusive after party events.

After some creative list wrangling to get us into the official after party for the LA BARE (yes, the documentary on male exotic dancers) my cohort and I were in it for the long haul, getting there early, snagging a VIP booth just a couple feet a way from the party’s host, Joe Manginello who got involved with the project after working on Magic Mike.

Champagne was flowing all night thanks to Mumms or Moet.. I can’t recall which one, wonder why:)

We stayed late, and by the time (around 3-3:30 am??) we were asked to give up our booth for the cast of Game of Thrones & actor Geoff Schultz, we were um… ready to take an Uber home.

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