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Online marketer since 1999. Traveler, outdoor adventurer. I work for SearchEngineLand.com, MarketingLand.com & help organize SearchMarketingExpo.com events.

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  • Beverage & Spirits Expertise Publisher & Editor in Chief of HardCiderReviews.com Craft cider is one of the fastest growing categories in the adult beverage industry. The primary mission of the site is to provide a platform (and related social channels) to educate the consumer on the classification of products and follow emerging trends in this...

  •   Live Event Production Manage AV production elements & budget Stage set design & General session rehearsals, direction & show calling Conference Programming Experience Conference chair / programming director for 1 and 2 day roadshows – digital marketing & travel industry Session coordinator & moderator for multi-track, 3 day digital marketing conferences Producer of...